Maria Vilhena
wood texture

the scene


Textures that build scenarios.

An early thought, from the times I visited my Grandpa’s sawmill.
Shapes, details and scents that made room for intrigue, inspiration and ideas.

Fast forward.

Made my way through Art School. And, after a brief try-out on Architecture, landed on the Design Degree at IADE. From there, that early thought lead me to work with lighting and home décor, experiencing new ways to shape scenarios.

That combined knowledge made way to the creation of my own interior design studio: Maria Vilhena.

Specialised in Consultancy and Interior Design, we focus on people
The main characters. The ones that shape the space and its story.
In the right set, they build life, frame by frame.



Lean Design follows People, Process and Purpose.

This is our mantra.

People are the building blocks for design.
They shape the frame, we craft the ideas.

By knowing the characters, their main habits and daily routines, we create fitting frames:
_ Eliminating excess to deliver the essentials
_ Creating more efficient areas, each one with a plot
_ Merging aesthetics and space in each room
_ Building consistent and happy narratives, for offices and homes

To design picture-perfect frames to fit your life.