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Certoma Clinic

Certain moments need unique attention. A simple, yet meticulous, diagnosis. By Clínica do Cértoma.

Going to the doctor. A delicate moment.

One to be addressed in a neutral and relaxed environment.

It all starts from the second people put their foot in the clinic.
A slatted counter faces a quiet and comfy waiting room, full of upholstered sofas, with a wall of ripped wood panels to evidence the difference between them.
Providing a certain type of care before the diagnosis.

From there, art pieces, lacquered furniture and stainless-steel signage guide you through the experience, from waiting the room to the doctor’s cabinet, and off again.

And, when you finally get to the cabinet, floor lamps and a recessed lighting installation provide a sense of harmony to an otherwise stressful moment.

It’s a medical clinic, indeed. But one that tries it’s best to make yourself at home.

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