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Grão de BIO

At Matosinhos, near the shore, there is a grocery called Grão de BIO.

In it, discover healthy food surrounded by a relaxing background.
Explore fresh biological colours and artisanal products of national origins.
Sit, eat and relax. And next time, partake on a healthy workshop.

Do all of this, while surrounded by details of wood that go from the walls to the light boxes on the ceiling. Enhancing that traditional grocery store look and feel.
But in a whole new angle.

There are details that evoke nostalgic memories, sounds and flavours.
Mixed with a modern touch, that can be experienced while enjoying a meal at the bar area. Comfy, simple, rustic.

To make it memorable, lay your eyes on that beautiful tile floor. One that reflects all the colour that Grão de BIO has to offer, carefully placed along its classy window displays.

Take a look, feel the vibe and start making your grocery list.

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