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Grungy, industrial and rock n’roll, with an Irish Pub kind of vibe. Welcome to Rbar.

Here, music is no stranger. Be it on walls full of memorabilia or enthusiastic choirs that sing along their favourite song.
Echoes that fade in & out the dirty brick walls and wooden burnt floor.
Evoking memories of a full bar, day after day.

Point the spotlight to those who drink, lined up in coper gutters with an industrial look.
Much can be said indeed, but the important thing is to focus on the bar.

There, different colours enhance the right feeling, no matter the liquid choice.
Relying heavily on warm lighting to create the right tone to watch a show on the stage, or sit on it comfortably when there is no band to play.

And if you’re centre stage, the founder will gather for a salute.

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