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A Frame By Frame Process

March 5, 2024

To talk about what we do is always complicated.

To talk about what we do is always complicated. It’s not just a matter of saying: Interior Design. Because it’s so much deeper than that.

Everything starts with people. Their lives, behaviours, lifestyles. Not only that, it’s also about the human mix: different people in one space. From a home to an office, and all in between, there are so many situations that shape the way that people interact. And how their attitudes and emotions are influenced by their surroundings. That, alone, is the kick-off.

Next frame: the solution. A carefully detailed plan that considers the full human aspect of the project, to give place to an idea. One that is a journey. That journey sets the mood for everything, defining all the details to be considered: textures, materials, fabrics, perspectives and illumination to be used. For that to happen, more people will add to the idea. The more they add, the more it evolves.

Until it turns into something that we all can recognize. A real solution that takes all the previous processes, from analysing the human aspect, to elaborate and materialize a fit to purpose result.

A frame by frame process. Every frame has its own place. With it, many challenges to face.

These are the frames that define Maria Vilhena. From our own, we create the ones that will surround your life, frame by frame.