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A Ria of Possibilities

March 5, 2024

This journey starts in Brazil. Straight from the Amazon.

From a tropical feel to the country side, this is not just about a project. It’s about a family. One that took a big step and needs a home to embrace all that is coming in the future.

The idea is more of a brainstorm. One that fits perfect in a family dinner table, filled with various topics of conversation. Some, short. Others just won’t stop talking about it. And in the middle of all that frenzy comes a home that will allow for all these distinctive conversations to take place, evolve and move on.

So that’s the idea: A home that moves through different perspectives. There is sophistication, wide spaces, relaxed corners, invitations to gather around and even focused gaming. A trip that explores wood, ceramics, patterns and textures to create different moods and environments. Such as studying in a new country, with new friends, language and culture. An exciting time to meet people and invite them to experience a home built on a sea of ideas. Or to just enjoy the time, with new goals. Away from the fuss of the old work station, in a new am relaxing country and fresh views.

A brainstorm of future thoughts that certainly won’t stop here. Because in a house like this, ideas will keep coming. And maybe we will too.