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Grunge Journey

March 5, 2024

Every grownup has a dream

But is that the process of growing apart from the many dreams of one’s childhood? Fortunately, some of us, still allow ourselves to dream unlimited. So, this is not a man cave. It’s a dreamer’s museum. But in a basement. Sweet.

Giving it room for dreams, the challenge was to imagine how to integrate it all in such a specific space. So, we turned it into a grunge lounge. Rock n’ roll mixed with the imagination of a child.

To create such a mood, we used leather. Heavily. Mixed with raw cement and concrete. A robust but stylish background to sing along to every little thing that gives you joy. Like wine, gin, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, 70s rock n’ roll posters and, guess what: Lego creations. Putting it short: An outstanding creative studio.

Ideas can be found, discussed, or generated anywhere. That was the goal. Fuelled by items that represent different bits of the client’s profile. Motorcycles and cars will be found along the space. Like a garage built-in the cave. It doesn’t look like one, but it’s there. In between rides, you’ll find a set of leather sofas to chill out.

The whole grunge thing works, but for a proper dreamer that’s not enough. The groove is to move along. To generate ideas. To fuel the conversation. Go give it fuel, give it fire give it a wine cellar to desire. With a very important detail: Lego builds. Placed in small shop windows to be admired.

So, it’s not a basement. It’s not a garage. It’s not even a wine cellar or a lounge. It’s a journey.