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August 31, 2023

This is a business. That’s an undeniable truth. But there’s no business without feeling. Especially in the creative areas.

When talking about creativity and execution, there’s so much to tell. People share their ideas for us to decode, translate and make it real. A process that takes practice. Also, it requires connection and intuition.

Connecting is key to understanding a particular point of view, especially when it’s not our day-by-day life. An idea has its beginning with a need. Some are more complex than others. Either way, a need is a need. To connect to someone is to understand how that need generates an idea, so that we can create a fit-for-purpose solution. For that, intuition is our guide.

More than a guide, it’s a feeling. And it cannot be described. You simply have to SEE IT. Something that kicks in when all the info and ideas settle down. By then, you can see it clearly. Of course, there are sheets, digital tools, frameworks, and other techniques that help you to create and re-translate the creative direction that you’re looking for. But only the right amount of intuition can tell you exactly what to do.

This is a key part of our relationships with any client. How do you use yours?

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