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Lean: a layout for living

February 22, 2023

Every space is a layout.

A frame of a scene that is inevitably aligned with many other scenes of our lives. Some live side to side, and others are moments apart. But, in between frames, there is a deep connection: you, your family or your company.

Understanding this connection is the first step to create happiness, improve ways of production or to simply flow through every room in a seamless way.

At Maria Vilhena we have a deep care for those key frames of life. Those are the ones that allow people to get along inside a certain space. That engage teams to work harder, better, stronger. And, most importantly, that open ways for a truly positive experience.

Not all homes, offices or public spaces enjoy that kind of harmony. It’s something that is hard to recognize when you are immersed in the daily life of a certain space. It takes distance and a deep analysis.

Over time, people have challenged us with spaces that have yet to find that flawless harmony. And that is when our Lean Methodology comes along: to understand and facilitate structural dynamics in a home of office. Be it on a full-scale project or just to analyse the harmony of a room or household, Maria Vilhena makes it work for you and your needs, matching aesthetics and comfort.

Lean Consultancy is service that combines strategy with technical drawings, that go from reorganizing a living room to making a deep analysis of your entire house: understanding space and flow, choosing or creating the appropriate furniture, picking the right colours and textures and even the type of plants and where to place them.

A service to understand the space between you and your surroundings.

Making it work, in full, for you.