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Made in Maria Vilhena

July 10, 2024

Furniture. It’s not just something that fills the room. It’s much more.

It, of course, can assume many shapes depending on your lifestyle. To some, keep it simple and minimalistic. Others, make it loud and all over the place with oh so many details. You can have it modern or vintage. Or simply mix it. It’s all about – you own - taste.

Some people, of course, choose to assemble it. But that’s a totally different story.

For us, it begins with a simple desire or need. And these needs can take many different forms. Because every frame has its unique perspective. It’s not science, its nature. Human nature. A piece of furniture is not a volume that stuffs a room with a set of drawers and cabinets. It doesn’t always have to be about organization. It can be something to simply enhance a room. With no need of a form to meet a function (because, sometimes, it’s an emotional one).

There are so many singular rooms. Countless shapes and sizes. Just like human beings. Combined, they shape a specific narrative inside the houses, offices or public spaces which they inhabit. To add to this, sometimes an office can look like a home. A restaurant can resemble a forest. And home assume an amusement park mood. There are so many ideas that we can and should explore.

The marvelous thing about exploring these different ideas that come from diverse realities, is the sense that every room is something new. And it can be, be it a square , a rectangle or both, combined.

So why is the furniture always the same? Different people, different vibe, different needs. Different furniture.

That’s our unique – literally – take when it comes to furniture. We don’t make copies; we respond to personalities that don’t always fit within the same solutions. And, sometimes, it’s just a little detail.

But it fills the room when you notice it.

To us, furniture is a significant piece of the frame. And to ensure that each frame is one-off a kind, we like to assure a match between the human perspective and the piece of furniture. Some kind of invisible signature on each set, that perfectly hooks with your way of life.

It’s always a challenge. Too specific. Too unusual. For each client, an exclusive approach. Because its way better to have something that was made purposely for you. That works perfectly, just how you imagined it.

A piece furniture is not a blank page to fill. There is a face and voice to the desire that shapes every corner of the design that is going to make room for your every need. It’s personal, because there is just one way to be you.

Simply said, it’s a journey. One that combines multiple talents to achieve one goal: exactly what you need. So, when thinking about furniture, don’t settle for a copy. Let us make it your own.