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Make it work for you

March 5, 2024

Every space has a certain dynamic to it.

Be it a home, an office or any other work or public space. Each one goes by specific standards to create an experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

But not every space has a layout that enables that experience. One that aims to be as seamless as it gets, empowering good times, allowing a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing performance and deliverance, to offer the perfect consumer experience, the possibilities are endless. 

This need for balance and delivery in what works best for a space is a growing demand, even if not acknowledged immediately. A challenge that we face day by day, be it with a project or simply in a casual conversation with a friend: how can I make this room better without dramatic changes? 

Every time we approach a new project, public or private, one of the first things we do is to apply our Lean methodology. A process that allows us do get rid of everything that has the potential to become waste and thus interfering with the purpose of the space. So, the main question is: Will it flow? If not, find another way.

But removing waste is just one side of the coin. Every corner, piece of furniture and even colours and textiles will affect the way people feel, act and operate inside a certain area. It will influence the energy, happiness or even, if you will, ability to think straight. To avoid that to happen, sometimes you just need to displace a piece of furniture, change the colour of a wall or just figuring out where the light is to create a whole new environment.

Obviously, this is something that goes well beyond one room. For instance, in an office you don’t always have to be square and grey to be performance driven. The disposal of each desk, or even the desk itself: does it have to look like a desk? And again: colours, textiles and textures can work together to create diversified areas oriented to specific goals. Be it focus, creativity, harmony, peace, health, wit and so on.

At the end, it’s a matter of purpose. Your purpose. And with that in place, it’s a matter of connecting the elements to make you feel better. To fit your goals.

Now, trust your gut and start experimenting with the Lean way.