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Making the office better

March 5, 2024

Maybe, for a lack of distance, most people tend to see the office as a static entity. That is far from the truth.

Once again, the office concept is taking a shift. It’s obvious why: the effect that the pandemic had on our lives. The amusement park office quickly became empty, giving space to a (now) useless dynamic.

Now, companies are trying to figure out how to transform their offices, knowing that people will not come back at 100%. That emptiness means new opportunities for business.

As workers work more from home, they also realize that not every home is perfect when it comes to comfort (at least, when you’re working at home for long hours). Sure, no one wants a full comeback, but there are times when you need an office to achieve goals.

The new ways are collaboration, talent retention, and client and board meetings. But this is a generic idea. When it comes to your company, it’s important to know the process, the profiles, and how the everyday life of every worker affects the workflow.

One thing is certain, there is a huge potential when it comes to social areas. Ideas that are more and more requested by our clients. Each one with different types of needs, according to each business. An important piece of the puzzle is also the culture. What are you trying to create? By giving space to workers, how can you use the office as an enabler for relations and achievements?

Interior design has been adding more and more value to the corporate world as businesses evolve and workers feel more engaged in their jobs. The way that you use that energy will define not only how cool and attractive the office is, but also the appeal of the company itself.

If Tuesday and Thursday are office days, you want that comeback to be exciting and fruitful.

So, what’s on your mind? How can we help you to create moments for your team to come together and achieve great things? Let’s start a conversation in your future office and talk about it.