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Rock, Rock, Rock.

March 5, 2024

Rock wins. Especially when it creates a specific atmosphere.

For me, it’s always a victory. And although there is so much detail to talk about, be it the contemporary lines, or how those same lines make a heavy contrast with the mainly green location of the building, ceramics take the lead role in this blockbuster.

There was a challenge to make this a modern-day, urban, and first-class apartment. However, given its location: next to Coimbra’s botanical garden and woods, and of course the river sightings; we had to make sure to bring a more natural touch to this overall urban feeling. Because, although Coimbra is a major city, it remains close to traditions and places that convey a more off-city feeling.

Now here’s the twist: it’s not real ceramics. But the presence of the textures and the bold placement, in big and key areas of the house, make the mood real. Make it a journey. And it’s important that it

can be felt all over the house, with different perspectives. It all depends on the scene: from a warm and relaxed bath, a harmonious pack of dreams with no brakes or just enjoying a tasty meal with family or friends. Scenes that everyone relates to, are built in stone.

Just like in a movie, sometimes the illusion of something is what makes it so real.