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Take Me Home

March 5, 2024

Home is where the heart is, some may say.

But it’s hard for the heart to beat at a smooth pace when your mind struggles to stay still. How can you make that balance?

It’s not easy, but it starts by knowing yourself. Because you will need something to ease the mind. At the same time, you also have to allow excitement inside your home. That’s balance. And it’s hard to find when designing a home. However, not impossible.

Recently, in one of the many apartments at Terraços do Rio that we’ve worked on, we had the chance to create that balance. Mixing harmony and elegance, in one home.

The idea of this harmony starts with an organic feeling. Earth tones that set an atmosphere. Brushed along the wall, lying down on the floor, it's all made to achieve mindfulness. Allowing for the perfect mood, always. A seamless mishmash of colors and textiles that assure you that, whatever is going on in your life, your home will always be a safe space.

Yet, a safe space can have a powerful attitude. Making its way through the whites and beiges, fancy details throw bits and pieces of excitement into each room. A never-ending golden hour rises in precise angles, with a unique light that brights your mood the right way.

To seal the deal, just look at those high gloss details of lacquered wood. Now that’s smooth.

So, bear in mind: keep it seamless.