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March 5, 2024

Life frames are hard to build.

Especially when they express the way that you and your family, friends, or workers live and work. Interior Design is an art and a technique. The technique allows the space to become a work of art.

That’s not an easy task. Vision and taste are crucial, of course. But, even with that, you’ll need an interior designer.

There is an expertise that comes with the job. That means that not only do we understand design principles, trends, and tools, but also the process that puts it all in one place. The expertise brings experience. Knowing different clients, challenges, and processes. And that allows you to relax. Not to stress about various aspects of the developing process, like contractors and materials.

There is also: the problem. Yours. It may not seem like one, but it’s something to solve. That’s the mission of an interior designer, to solve problems. Your problem. Allowing for your vision to happen, with attention to detail in every step of the process.

This saves time, money, and stress.

There is, of course: You. Who you are? What do you need? How do you work? It’s a tailored work. For that, we at Maria Vilhena use the Lean method. One that allows us to understand the lifestyle, the needs,

the flow, and what does and does not work for you. With that, and a savoir-faire of the latest trends and insights, Maria Vilhena is a crucial asset to add extra value to your house, office, or room. And life, frame by frame.