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Writing new frames

January 20, 2023

This is not a new start. Just a renewed script for an ongoing venture.

One that has been unfolding for almost 10 years now, so it’s time for something new.
Where the stories that guide us through our ideas can take a step up, on to the main stage.
The one where ideas live and life unfolds.

Maria has always taken into consideration one main element: people. The builders. They live through each angle, each perspective. Connecting with the details that fill each area.
When passing by or staying in a room, they leave a mark. Something to fill the book of memoirs that tells the whole story. One that was fostered by people, in a storyline idealized by Maria.

Life, frame by frame. That’s what it’s all about. Design with a purpose. That not only tells your story, but has all the elements to allow it to be written in the right way. A journey with its own method, allowing that for each frame of the house, office or public space, you can enjoy an – one of many – instant to its fullest.

So no, this is not a new start. A new brand, look and feel? Perhaps. But, all things considerate, it’s only natural that we’ve come this far. Living and designing each frame to enhance life.

On to the next frame.